Keith M. Francis

My work begins with a need to expand or expose an issue that grabs me in my gut--often this is a reaction to an injustice or a dehumanizing experience. I’m drawn to issues of alienation and disenfranchisement. My own childhood was filled with abuse, neglect and alienation, so I’m charged, in my art, to stand and faced the oppressors.


Once I have a topic to focus on, I begin with sketches, then research, and finally a tighten the scope of the work. I place the entire project on a large wall, usually 10–20 pages and then stand back to start making material investigations, information hierarchies, visual observations and hidden connections. As I am working, all this information and these connections begin to unite, giving the work a kind of self-awareness that exists outside of my original idea. The piece, which has separated itself from my original sketches, now has its own unique entity. Once the investigation is completed, I sit down and meditate quietly, watching and observing for clues. The piece now becomes the driving force and dictates the media, method and size of its evolution.


I hope that my art work, will act as a catalyst for discussions that promote civil engagement to make us all more tolerant of one another. This is a small step to consider solutions to the challenges that face us in the world today.



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