Zakim Bridge Poster Wins International Design Award  
It doesn’t happen often, says Boston-based graphic designer Keith Francis, but when it does he is proud of the Graphis Poster Annual 2004 international recognition. Francis is talking about his poster design of the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge. “This is a major award for me, and the beautiful Boston Zakim bridge,” said graphic designer Keith Francis. The artwork and Francis has been featured in The Boston Globe, and Boston Herald and Graphis Poster Annual.
Francis’s interpretation of the bridge is influenced by two French artists of the 1920s, A.M. Cassandre and
Roger Cartier, and has a modern, stylish aspect to it. It is done as a 6-color 20" x 28" matte print and
uses a Peignot font for typeface. 
Available for purchase: $15.00 + shipping and handling.
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